Meeting Types

Application for LVCCLD Board Calendar Updating.

1. Terms

Web Site - LVCCLD Web Site.
Board Calendar - pages on Web Site where BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING CALENDAR displayed with initial URL: http://wwwdev/about/board/calendar.cfm
Database - data source for Board Calendar. This Application allows add, update and delete data in Database. All changes will be automatically reflected on the appropriate Web Site dynamic pages.
Account - set of the data for persons who have access to this Application. Account includes Login and Password and is divided into two access types: Administrator or User.
Administrator - person with unlimited access to Database. Administrator can input and delete events any time and edit all event parameters.

2. Enter

Application's main page URL:
a. Application Start page is the Board Meetings Documents managing form. (Fig. 1.)
b. To exit the Application - close window.
c. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the working session will be stopped and login request will appear.

Figure 1. Board Meetings Documents form.
Figure 1.

3. Navigation

Application contains top navigation menu: Documents - Board Meetings Documents form, Meetings - Board Meetings Form, Help and Calendar - external link to Web Site.
Tables contain list of document for one year. By default it is current year. To work with data for next or past years select it with Year box. To change records order click on the appropriate column title.
By click on row it table it highlighted and data for this record appears in the Document Edit Fields - Date, Type, Title.
You can select new Board Meeting Date, Document Type and Document Title. Click Browse button to select file for uploading.

4. Post new document

  • Create PDF file and save it on your computer hard drive
  • Select meeting date, document type and title
  • Select PDF file for uploading
  • Click Post button
  • Click Calendar menu item to open Board Calendar page. Check that all done correct.

4. Delete record

  • Select document for deleting by click on record row in the table
  • Click Delete button
  • Click Calendar menu item to open Board Calendar page. Check that all done correct.