Canon 21

Age Group: All Ages 

Gallery open during regular library hours  10/11/2013 - 1/21/2014

Sahara West location Sahara West Library

Room: art gallery

Author: Jose Bellver

The Studio presents a solo exhibit featuring the international artist and instructor from University of Nevada Fine Art Department, Jose Bellver. Mr. Bellver will exhibit his new work on canvas of his Geometric Series.

Plato believed that geometry is the most fundamental form within our idea on the figurative. Geometric structures represent a concept of space, precise and concrete, without anecdotes or superfluous adjectives. It has no unnecessary decorative elements, no ornamental purpose. Geometry defines form with precision. Its structure is very direct, intellectually aseptic. Clear. It is uncontaminated and pure. It is primitive, sophisticated and powerful.

This is what you will encounter in the works included in Mr. Bellver's exhibition. These paintings are not about meaning. They are about content. If you let yourself free and discard preconceived ideas, if you permit yourself to get lost into the paintings, you will achieve a visual dialogue with them. Their architecture will challenge your perception. When you think that you get what the space is doing, a simple move of your visual field will show you that things are not what you previously thought. Altogether you will experience a mystery.

Reception: 10/11/2013  7 p.m.  -  8:30 p.m.