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Category: Library Catalog FAQs


Can I suggest you buy a book or DVD or eBook or eAudio Book?


For suggesting eBooks or eAudio books:

Use the Recommend button on the Additional Titles tab in the eMedia Catalog. Learn more about recommending eBooks and eAudio Books at eRead Me Vegas - New Features for eMedia Catalog.

You will be able to add your name to the request list if the library purchases the eMedia title. You can request 2 titles every week.

For suggesting print books or DVDs:

Just visit the Reader Services desk at your library and ask them to add that title to their monthly "wish list."

To see if the library is purchasing your print books and DVDs, check Coming Soon weekly.

The library cannot purchase every title, but we do take your suggestions very seriously.

We will evaluate your suggestion to see if it fits in with the Library District's Collection Development Policy

If you'd like to suggest we purchase a book you've written, please visit the Marketing your Publication information sheet.

If you have additional questions, please email them to