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Subjects / Cultural Diversity


1930s  This textured look at 1930s American culture provides a cost comparison of common goods and services, a timeline of important events, notes arranged by chapter, an extensive bibliography for further reading, and a subject index.

1960s  This book describes the important changes in American society during the 60s, from feminism and civil rights to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

1970s  The field of pop culture analyzes collective experiences and group influences during a defined period of time, placing societal movements, trends, and situations into context.

1980s  Explores the decade that brought Americans MTV, valley girls, hair bands, Miami Vice, Cabbage Patch Kids, big hair, and the Star Wars trilogy.

1990s   Twelve narrative chapters depict the United States as brought to you by Generation X—a culture busting out in new and unforeseen ways.

American Decades  Covers 20th-century events and social history beginning in 1900 and ending in 1999. Includes historically important events, issues, definitions of difficult concepts or terms, and other interesting trivia and sideline stories.

Culture and Customs of the United States [Two Volumes]  Explore one of the world's most fascinating, unique, and extraordinary cultures: our own! As a special two-volume set, Culture and Customs of the United States depicts the full montage of American contemporary life by not only studying our past, but by also visiting the cultures of European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries as well.