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Opposing ViewPoints  http://0-infotrac.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/itweb/lvccld_main?db=OVIC

Pro/Con Leading Issues  http://0-sks.sirs.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/cgi-bin/hst-table-display?id=SNV0092-0-4972&file=/flash/vb/vb.html

CQ Researcher  http://0-library.cqpress.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/cqresearcher
CQ Research offers in-depth, non-biased coverage of political and social issues, with regular reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the U.S. economy. This is a great resource to use to prepare for a debate.

Hot Topic - Leading Issues   http://hottopics.lvccld.org/leading_issues
A variety of resources on current leading issues.


Drug Abuse  http://www.nida.nih.gov/
Learn more about Drug Abuse.


American Civil Liberties Union  http://www.aclu.org/
What the ACLU does isn't always popular, but the Constitution protects everyone or it protects no one. Learn more.

Gender Equality   http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CCX3424300246&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=f2c44e3f3e4b32cf4f9abdae579d8365
Topic overview in the New Dictionary of the History of Ideas.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol  http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/
Learn more about this pervasive problem.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy  http://www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp
A comprehensive view of drug policy provided by the White House


AIDS  http://www.aids.org/
Raising awareness of HIV and AIDS.


Censorship - Opposing Viewpoints  http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/topic2/actionWin?resetBreadCrumb=&query=&prodId=OVIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&limiter=AC%20y&showDisambiguation=&displayGroups=&p=OVIC&action=e&catId=GALE%7C00000000LVVO&scanId=&source=Bookmark&u=lvccld_main&jsid=154bb7d377de0152f215bf60163c7124
Discover a variety of topics about censorship in the United States.

Censorship in America   http://0-ic.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ic/uhic/topic2/actionWin?resetBreadCrumb=&query=&prodId=UHIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&limiter=AC%20y&showDisambiguation=true&displayGroups=&p=UHIC%3AWHIC&action=e&catId=GALE%7CSLOYNL150785843&scanId=&source=Bookmark&u=lvccld_main&jsid=23ee17e2ac38e7c59fd0395b924c9075
Discover a variety of topics about censorship in the United States.

Challenged and Banned Books  http://www.ala.org/advocacy/banned/bannedbooksweek
Banned Books Week emphasizes the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one's opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular and the importance of ensuring the availability of those unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints to all who wish to read them.

Terrorism & Genocide Crimes

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity 3 V.  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|5CJZ&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=etoc&p=GVRL&sw=w
This encyclopedia spans the globe to explain the issues behind crimes against humanity and human rights issues as they relate to individual countries and the world at large. It traces the history of events that qualify as genocide and crimes against humanity, profiles perpetrators and heroes, and explains international laws and law proceedings aimed at ending genocide and crimes against humanity

International Security and the United States: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1  http://0-ebooks.abc-clio.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/reader.aspx?isbn=9780313084874
International/Transnational Security

International Security and the United States: An Encyclopedia, Volume 2  http://0-ebooks.abc-clio.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/reader.aspx?isbn=9780313084881
International/Transnational Security

Controversial Issues

Gay and Lesbian Rights  http://0-ic.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ic/suic/topic2/actionWin?resetBreadCrumb=&query=&prodId=SUIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&limiter=AC%20y&showDisambiguation=true&displayGroups=&p=SUIC&action=e&catId=GALE%7CAAA000038770&scanId=&source=Bookmark&u=lvccld_main&jsid=027af860c8132a77add46306140aea27
Learn about Gay and Lesbian civil rights and current progress.

Marijuana  http://0-ic.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ic/suic/topic2/actionWin?resetBreadCrumb=&query=&prodId=SUIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&limiter=AC%20y&showDisambiguation=&displayGroups=&p=SUIC&action=e&catId=GALE%7C00000000MOCX&scanId=&source=Bookmark&u=lvccld_main&jsid=b786668151d7e9dab255ca90e84218dd
Learn about the history of Marijuana while researching current issues.

The Gambling Debate  http://0-ebooks.abc-clio.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/reader.aspx?isbn=9781573567428
Challenging readers to evaluate gambling's risks and rewards for themselves, this book offers a fascinating look at the $900 billion-per-year gambling industry and its broad social, economic, and political impact.

Medicine and Doctors

Medicine, Health, and Bioethics: Essential Primary Sources  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|9781414406244&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=aboutBook&p=GVRL.MRCG&sw=w
A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each title contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.


Body Image   http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CCX3045300219&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w
Highlights the expanding influence of economics in social science research and features new articles and biographies contributed by scholars from around the world on a wide array of global topics in the social sciences.

Psychologists and Their Theories for Students, 2005  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|9781414406459&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=etoc&p=GVRL.MRCG&sw=w
Perfect for research assignments in psychology, science and history, this one-stop source for in-depth coverage of major psychological theories and the people who developed them provides a unique approach to the study of psychological history as it pertains to analysis. 2 volumes.


Abortion: An Eternal Social and Moral Issue  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|5DZQ&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=etoc&p=GVRL&sw=w
This is one of the volumes in the Information Plus Reference Series whose purpose is to present the history and latest facts on a topic of pressing concern in modern American life. This volume focuses on the social and moral issues surrounding abortion.

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