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Nevada Career Information System
Match skills and interest with occupations. Highlights include facts on Nevada industries, apprenticeships, financial aid and school directories.

Financial Aid

College Financing Information for Teens, 2012  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|9780780812161&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=etoc&p=GVRL&sw=w
Provides information for teens about planning, saving, and paying for post-secondary education, with facts about government aid, private loans and scholarships, and other sources of financial assistance.

Federal Financial Aid  http://studentaid.ed.gov
All you need to know about finding and getting Federal Financial Aid for college

FinAid  http://www.finaid.org/
"The Smart Student's Guide to Financial Aid"

Entrance Exams

ACT  http://www.actstudent.org/scores/index.html
Are you getting ready to take the ACT test? Have you already taken it? Get information. See your test scores. Get copies. More!

BrainFuse - Practice for College Entrance Exams  http://www.brainfuse.com/highEd/tests.asp
practice for your SAT or ACT. Practice the entire test or pick a subject area.

College Board  http://www.collegeboard.org/
Home of the SAT test. Register, prepare, and see your scores afterwards. Find a college for you!

Finding a Job

Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=5FDE9029-9A55-4958-96D4-B34759C34893
How do you get a job without experience and get experience without a job? It's the question virtually every college student or recent graduate faces.

Job Interviews for Dummies  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?id=0319C2D0-BFDE-49CE-AEA8-65D4E4003462
Does the thought of interviewing for a new job send shivers down your spine? It doesn't have to! Whether you're searching for your first job, changing careers, or looking for advancement in your current line of work, Job Interviews For Dummies shows you how to use your skills and experiences to your advantage and land that job.

NevadaJob Connect  http://www.nevadajobconnect.com/jobs/index.php
Nevada JobConnect is a statewide network that connects businesses with employees, all in one convenient system.


GED Basics  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=E72757F6-1D37-4488-81D1-9D062694171E
Peterson's GED Basics provides a quick and thorough way for students to prepare for the GED exam

Master the GED 2012  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=D5838DD5-AFA3-4E0F-886D-BF7E30F67790
Peterson's Master the GED 2012 provides practice tests, subject review, and expert tips on how to score high on each GED test.

Choosing a School

America's Best Colleges  http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/college/rankings/rankindex_brief.php
From US News and World Report, see the college rankings, and find the best school for you.

College and Technical Schools  http://hottopics.lvccld.org/colleges
What to do after high school? Use these resources to find the education that can lead you to that career that you want!

College Blue Book 2011  http://0-go.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/ps/i.do?id=GALE|9780028661728&v=2.1&u=lvccld_main&it=etoc&p=GVRL&sw=w
Guide to thousands of 2- and 4-year schools in the U.S. and Canada. Covers the expected listings and detailed descriptions, degree programs offered, scholarships, and occupational education programs.

Resumes and Cover Letters

101 Great Résumés: Winning Resumes for any Situation, Job or Career  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=739E59DF-1866-43FB-9AB3-1D40A9C54F93

Winning Cover Letters  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=F70BD8E6-DCF6-4477-BBF9-46C94C30AFCE
Land your dream job with the perfect cover letter.

Career Info

Careers and Job Hunting  http://hottopics.lvccld.org/careers_jobs
Looking for a job or a new career? These resources can help you find your dream job and help you get it!

Occupational Outlook Handbook  http://www.bls.gov/ooh/home.htm
Welcome to the Nation's premier source for career information! The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade

Finding Out About Companies

Business Insights: Essentials  http://0-infotrac.galegroup.com.ilsweb.lvccld.org/itweb/lvccld_main?db=BCRC-7

Start your research with Business Insights: Essentials

Research and analyze companies and industries around the world. Featuring the content you need to explore a global business landscape:

  • extensive reference content from Gale's core business collection
  • easy-to-use company fundamentals and investment research reports
  • industry rankings, profiles, market share data, company histories, and more!

Glass Door  http://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm
A comprehensive career resource with information on thousands of companies. This includes salary and details for specific jobs, as well as actual interview questions and hiring process details.

Going to College Tips

College Rules! How to Study, Survive and Succeed in College  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=C9D3FBFB-1480-43F6-A3E9-74A3E059225A

Getting the Best Out of College: Insider Advice for Success from a Professor, a Dean, and a Recent Grad. Revised and Updated  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=6AB27FCB-746E-4072-A02B-5B71B5ED0C96

Job Interviewing Tips

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=E1B02C13-2501-4481-8254-7F2AF7385FDF
This book pinpoints what employers are really asking with every question, and more importantly: what they want to hear in response. This no-nonsense guide will prepare you to leverage the trickiest questions to your advantage. Learn how to deal gracefully with complicated case interviews, various personality types, and even potentially illegal questions - all while avoiding common mistakes. Get the expert answers employers are looking for!

250 Job Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked......And the Answers That Will Get You Hired!  http://ebooks.lvccld.org/ContentDetails.htm?ID=5637E2A9-329D-4404-A067-7845A05C8624
Why do you want this job? Why should I hire you? Why do you want to leave your current job? Do you have convincing answers ready for these important questions? Landing a good job is a competitive process and often the final decision is based on your performance at the interview.

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