Freegal - Free Music Downloads  Download your favorite songs and keep them forever!
  The Arts  Examines a variety of famous artists, from ballerinas, puppeteers, painters, poets, and sculptors, with accompanying illustrations and photographs to supplement the content.


  Actors & Comedians - Kids InfoBits  


  Colors  Using illustrations and activities, this title explores the themes of color - how to mix colors, and identifying and describing objects of different colors.

Art - Performing Arts

  Dance, Theater & Movies - Kids InfoBits  

Art - Visual Arts

  Art - Kids InfoBits  
  Arts - Visual  Whether you're browsing for the sake of discovery or have a specific research goal, the Library's collection offers a rich variety of materials on the visual arts. Below you will also find links to local art resources and worthwhile web sites.
  The Artist's Toolkit  When artists talk to each other, they use words like "Line", "Color" and "Balance." What do they mean? Can you sound like an artist too?


  Artists - Kid InfoBits  
  Artists Around the World  Examines a variety of famous artists, from ballerinas, puppeteers, painters, poets, and sculptors, with accompanying illustrations and photographs to supplement the content.


  Crayola  Crayons galore! Arts & crafts, coloring pages, America's favorite color, and more!
  Imagination Factory  What does a Trashasaurus do? Can you make art out of stuff in the waste basket? Find out cool ways to recycle and make great art!
  Just for fun  Presents games, puzzles, animal facts, art projects, and instructions for making a musical instrument and growing an indoor garden.

Museums & Galleries

  Adventures with Art  Cool stuff for kids, from the National Gallery of Art!
  Art Safari  You're going on a Safari. An Art Safari! Find out about Animals and Art, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  Museum Kids  Fun art stuff from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Play with shapes. See what an artist sees. Find out Korean Dragons, and more!


  Children's Music Web  A non-profit resource for kids, families, and children's performers worldwide
  Jazz for Kids  Chuck Vanderchuck's "Something Something" Explosion is fun way to learn about Jazz music and how it is created.
  Music - Kids InfoBits  
  Music Notes - An Interactive Online Musical Experience  Learn about the musical instruments. Play games with music. Find out how to read music. And more!

Music - Hip Hop

  Kanye West  Profiles the life and career of hip-hop artist Kanye West.

Music - Pop

  Justin Bieber  Biography of Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber
  One Direction  Biography of UK boy band One Direction.
  P!NK  Profiles the life of pop superstar P!NK.
  Selena Gomez  Profiles the life of Musician and Actress Selena Gomez.
  Taylor Swift  Biography of pop/country singer/songwriter supertsar Taylor Swift.

Music - Rap

  Jay-Z  Profiles the life and career of rap artist, Jay-Z. Includes his contributions to hip-hop culture across America and throughout the world.

Music - Rock

  Fall Out Boy  Biography of pop punk group Fall Out Boy.
  Green Day  All you need to know about punk rock superstars Green Day.
  Maroon 5  All you need to know about pop/rock superstars Maroon 5.
  Paramore  All you need to know about pop punk group Paramore.

Music - Singers

  Miley Cyrus  Profiles the life and career of singer and actress Miley Cyrus.
  Rihanna  Profiles the life and career of singer Rihanna.


  Classical & Jazz Musicians  
  Music and Musicians  Looking for free music, information about a musician or the history of music? This guide provides great library music resources including 5 free song downloads every week with your library card.
  Musicians, Singers & Composers - Kids infoBits  
  Popular Musicians & Groups  


  Television - Kids InfoBits  

The Movies

  Popular Movies - Kids InfoBits  


  Children's Creative Theater  Find out all there is about Children's Theater. There are games, skits, and a tour for you!