Inventions - World Book for Kids  
  Invention  Provides an introduction to a variety of inventions, both ancient and modern, that have changed the world.
  Inventions and Inventors  Many inventions have taken several centuries to develop into their modern forms and are rarely the product of a single inventor's efforts. Every breakthrough is a collective effort that combines and tweaks already existing ideas and technology.
  Inventors - World Book  Information on inventors; can be narrowed down by Nationality.
  Inventors & Scientists - Kids InfoBits  


  Inventors and Inventions  African-American inventors and their inventions. Grades 4 & up.


  American Inventions  During the Revolutionary-period America, several inventors proposed or produced ingenious innovations that foretold the “know-how” that later became Americans’ famous reputation. Grades 4&up.


  Flying Machine  Provides an introduction to the history of flight and explores the various aircraft in use today.


  Inventions - Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia  
  Constructions & Architecture - Kids InfoBits  

Inventions - Technology

  Technology, Engineering & Inventions - Kids InfoBits  
  Computers & Electronics - Kids InfoBits  
  Telecommunications - Kids InfoBits  

Inventions That Make Our Life Easier

  Inventions for Daily Life  Inventors in the eighteenth century worked to make life easier. Includes, Ben Franklin's inventions.
  Machines, Engines & Motors - Kids InfoBits  
  Materials - Kids InfoBits  


  Forgotten Inventors  Who invented the can opener? How about the Frisbee? Cool stuff!
  Inventors - Kids InfoBits  


  Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography  More than a thousand biographies of famous scientists.
  The Galileo Project  631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts about each individual and their contributions to science.


  4000 years of Women in Science  Find out about famous woman scientists!