Computer Classes for Seniors

All Classes begin at 10:30 a.m.
Duration: 2 hours.
Registration is required.

  • Registration opens on the 1st of every month for the next month. (For example: Sign up begins on January 1st for all February classes.)
  • The first 10 students are guaranteed a seat.
  • After the first 10 students are registered, 5 additional students may register to go on “Stand-by”.
  • Classes are “Full” when 15 students have registered.
  • If you registered on the “Stand By” list, please check to see if your name has moved up the list or call your local library about your registration.
Number of Registered Students
Number of Registered
Number of Students on Stand-by List
Number of Students
on Stand-by List.
05/09/2016MS Excel 101 for SeniorsSummerlinClass is Full
05/10/2016Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Summerlin100
05/16/2016Computers 101 for SeniorsWhitneyClass is Full
05/17/2016MS Word 101 for SeniorsWhitneyClass is Full
05/18/2016Internet 101 for SeniorsWhitney104
05/19/2016Email 101 for SeniorsWhitneyClass is Full
05/23/2016MS Excel 101 for SeniorsWhitney104
05/24/2016Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Whitney100
05/25/2016eMedia Downloading 101 for SeniorsWhitney50
06/06/2016Computers 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston70
06/07/2016MS Word 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston50
06/08/2016Internet 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston70
06/09/2016Email 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston80
06/13/2016MS Excel 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston60
06/14/2016Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)West Charleston20
06/15/2016eMedia Downloading 101 for SeniorsWest Charleston00
07/01/2016Future classes at Clark County LibraryClark CountyRegistration starts on 6/1/16
07/01/2016Future classes at Sunrise LibrarySunriseRegistration starts on 6/1/16