Computer Classes for Seniors

All Classes begin at 10:30 a.m.
Duration: 2 hours.
Registration is required.

  • Registration opens on the 1st of every month for the next month. (For example: Sign up begins on January 1st for all February classes.)
  • The first 10 students are guaranteed a seat.
  • After the first 10 students are registered, 5 additional students may register to go on “Stand-by”.
  • Classes are “Full” when 15 students have registered.
  • If you registered on the “Stand By” list, please check to see if your name has moved up the list or call your local library about your registration.
- Number of Registered Students.
- Number of Students on Stand-by List.
07/06/2015Computers 101 for SeniorsWindmillClass is Full
07/07/2015MS Word 101 for SeniorsWindmillClass is Full
07/08/2015Internet 101 for SeniorsWindmill104
07/09/2015Email 101 for SeniorsWindmill104
07/13/2015MS Excel 101 for SeniorsWindmill104
07/14/2015Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Windmill100
07/15/2015eMedia Downloading 101 for SeniorsWindmill90
07/20/2015Computers 101 for SeniorsClark CountyClass is Full
07/21/2015MS Word 101 for SeniorsClark CountyClass is Full
07/22/2015Internet 101 for SeniorsClark CountyClass is Full
07/23/2015Email 101 for SeniorsClark CountyClass is Full
07/27/2015MS Excel 101 for SeniorsClark CountyClass is Full
07/28/2015Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Clark County101
07/29/2015eMedia Downloading 101 for SeniorsClark County90
08/03/2015Computers 101 for SeniorsCentennial Hills10
08/04/2015MS Word 101 for SeniorsCentennial Hills10
08/05/2015Internet 101 for SeniorsCentennial Hills10
08/06/2015Email 101 for SeniorsCentennial Hills10
08/10/2015MS Excel 101 for SeniorsCentennial Hills10
08/11/2015Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Centennial Hills10
08/17/2015Computers 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
08/18/2015MS Word 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
08/19/2015Internet 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
08/20/2015Email 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
08/24/2015MS Excel 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
08/25/2015Facebook 101 for Seniors (See prerequisites)Enterprise00
08/26/2015eMedia Downloading 101 for SeniorsEnterprise00
09/08/2015Future classes at Las Vegas LibraryLas VegasRegistration starts on 8/1/15
09/21/2015Future classes at Rainbow LibraryRainbowRegistration starts on 8/1/15